Match Report – O35.2 – 29/05/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 29/05/2016

BMFC O35.2: 2
Richmond Ex-Servicemens FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ibra, GH

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that the O35 2’s took to the Knapsack Cauldron to take on Richmond. As we were defending a lead on the points table we certainly wanted to press the point that we deserved to be there!

Before the whistle we got to pay our respects to a long serving referee. Refereeing is not a profession that comes with many accolades or a salary worth writing home about.

Many a young referee (such as the one today) are molded by the respect that us older players show them. Our code can lose a referee as quickly as one decides to give it a go! A lot of words of this report has been spent talking about referees … yes, there’s a childhood story to get out there! I was a young referee (well I referee’d one round robin when I was 13) who would’ve benefitted by a mentor (to let me know how I was to deal with a situation where I made a mistake). I will be ok (30 years on!) but if each player in the team shouted me a beer, I’d certainly be better…

Before I return to the game, where’s Turtle?? Turtle was a no-show and the team truly hopes that everything is ok. Because if everything ok, the team has requested a case of beer!

The first half was where Richmond’s best effort was made. Their attack was similar to ours but we were giving up penalties because we were struggling to contain individual players. The effort by the team was huge but, even so, we each needed to lift 5% (plus CPI & GST) to bring the pressure down.

Attacking was generally easy for our team and in one play forward the opposition keeper came off his line to challenge Ibra for the ball. With both players leading with their feet, they came together … and as both players felt the pain of the collision … one player put this on hold whilst he slotted the ball home for our first goal. The player …. was Ibra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Some comment about the opposition equalizing, nah!]

Just prior to half time Hollywood made a game changing save. He pushed a shot to the side of the goal, keeping us well and truly in the hunt!!! Thank you to Tash who captured the shot (see attached).

The teams were drawn, heading into half time. As we left the field we all knew individually that something needed to change. What was it? Was it going to be a Dekka talk? A Rusty email? A pearl of wisdom from the player with the best view of the game (Ping-Pong-Guru, Hollywood)?

Whatever it was, it did the trick and Richmond began to really struggle to keep up with the pace.

I apologise to the player who pushed the ball to GH for his goal winning effort … because that was obviously a good ball! As GH received the ball, 20 players were in our half … GH received the ball inside our half and sprinted all the way to the keeper at the other end of the field. If it were to be a one on one … we’d expect the contest to be an easy one … but as he maneuvered the ball to get around the sweeper, a further four of the defence had made the distance. The left foot was called into action and the net rattled! That was the end for Richmond as the team continued to push and press our advantage (in across-the-field-fitness).

Great effort all over the field. Well done!!!! 3 more points.

Moving forward, and as GH takes on a less direct style of coaching, the team will be tested. But I know there is a quiet confidence that this team can win the points battle. Let’s do it.

Hollywood Save!