Match Report – O35.2 – 26/06/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 26/06/2016

BMFC O35.2: 0
Werrington FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning the O35 2’s took on Werrington. We went down 1-0.

I’ll leave the breakdown of the game to the Coach on Wednesday (as he got to see the good, the bad and the ugly from the sideline). For the team mates who missed the game and the 20,000 twitter followers, however, I can safely say that the better team lost today.

Werrington was able to capitalise, much against the run of play, on a corner. Afterwards, their defence did enough to spoil the chances we had (several shots, free kicks and numerous corners).

The usual suspects did what the usual suspects do: GB and Ibra were hard hitting and made the opposition keeper nervous; Rusty and Crank led by example challenging for all loose balls; Slash, Dirty and Dre ran the lines with their dogged determination; Bacon, Mayo, Bruce and Disco tracked like a pack of wolves; and Hollywood was largely just looking good between the sticks ?

I also note Bacon’s sizzling run late in the game, earning a corner. He injected his energy just at the right time (for a defender), and I’ve taken note for next game!

Needless to say, the team will be recovering after doing more than their fair share of running today (pushing for a goal). We’ll find an extra 5% in the tank next weekend if we all get to training. Having a few weeks off rarely does us any favours!.

A shout-out to BK and Bec who welcomed Perrin into the world (of soccer). I’m sure Perrin will keep his older sisters honest (or will it be the other way around!?).

Also a shout-out the Turtle who will be touching down in South Africa for his next adventure in this world (of soccer) of ours.

Both will be bummed with today’s result. But, to the next game and the opportunity that that presents.

I’ve attached a photo of an ever-thinking Coach, breaking the game down after the match with some liquid amber seed pods!

Dez's aftergame match breakdown