Match Report O35.2 (25-08-2013)

Springwood 0


Match Report Hornswoggle sent the message out the evening before to be at Jamison Park for 11.45, unfortunately Roberto doesn’t do punctuality so we rocked up for the pre-game checks half an hour before kick off. GG tried to hear what everyone’s number was for the team sheet, sitting half a yard from a speaker blasting out Stereophonics. We then realised we didn’t have a Marshall so we grabbed some poor random who was just out walking his dog and happened to have a Blueys top on. Hopefully our organisation on the park would be a tad better!The game was very evenly matched throughout with neither side really getting on top for any decent period of time. Our defence was simply superb though, not allowing the big Springwood centre forward pairing anytime on the ball and the few occasions that half chances were created, Zap was solid as a rock in goal. The only goal of the first half and ultimately the match winner came about mid-way through the half off a corner, Dicky leaping high, sending a couple of players flying in the process, including Psycho, to head home.We created a couple of clear cut chances in the second half which would have killed the game off but both Egg Head and The Kaiser somehow managed to miss the target when it looked easier to hit. La Celeste was up ended for a penalty, unfortunately the ref had his eyes painted on so missed it.A few other notable moments:
the match ball being cleared away to the next pitch as we received a free kick. With everyone waiting for its return, Dicky booted it back toward the next pitch not realising it was our match ball.

– Rash re-defining once again the term ‘whole hearted challenge’, dear god this bloke won’t die wondering ‘what if’ that’s for sure.

– Banter with the Springwood fans on the sideline between Rash and Uncle Chop Chop as they ‘subtly’ wound the clock down in the second half.
A few thank you’s for the season:

– Coach DG & Manager GG – thank you fellas for keeping us in line all year. GG’s sideline commentary and f’ing and blinding made it almost a pleasure to be subbed off.

– Hornswoggle for his organisation, running the esky, the weekly pre-match warm up and winning the toss by virtue of letting the opposition call it, who seemed to get it wrong every week in the run to and the GF.

– our family and friends for supporting us all year (although I will point out no one came and watched us for the 9am St Mary’s away game in the middle of winter!).

Team photo: (back row) Zap, DG, Ipswich, La Celeste, Harry, Ice Man, Nude Nut, Uncle Chop Chop, Psycho, Roberto, GG. (Front row) The Kaiser, Dicky, Rash, Hornswoggle, Captain Underpants. (Kids) Harry, Connor, Aiden. (Absent) Buggy (still raving in Ibiza).20130825_o352.jpg

Goal Scorers Dicky
Player of the Match Any of the defence including Zap in goal