Match Report O35.1 (13-07-2014)

Match Report O35.1 (13-07-2014)








Match Report

Our usual match correspondent The Cobra was dispatched to Brazil this week to investigate the alleged ticketing scandal by FIFA officials.

It was a typical clear blustery day at Knapsack Stadium with Coach Joe in a jubilant mood given the birth of his most recent grandchild. His instructions were simple – keep the ball.

Quinny was asked to go in goals and muttered something about don’t make me angry you won’t like me when I’m angry (picture below) so Zapps played in goals.



The first half was a cagey affair with neither team prepared to give a quarter until Zapps tried to get Springwood into the game. Then Cartovic sent Forrest through to lob the Springwood keeper which made it one nil to the good guys.

The second goal came shortly before half time when Forrest crossed to JB who did a good job of avoiding the ball so Diaz could finish.

A nasty challenge on Rash shortly before half time saw him withdrawn.

Joe rang in changes at half time switching his front two which was controversial but worked a treat. This saw the Pirate slot one after a Dunny shimmy set him up.

The Blueys took control from then on and strung together about 30 passes including 6 between Marquee and Pommy. This included Marquee playing the ball to Pommy after he had fallen to the ground.

With less than 10 to go Suarez took off with 5 defenders facing him; he got to the edge of the box and was up ended. Cometh the hour cometh the … Hang on, why has Hornswoggle got the ball? No doubt trying to end a 2-season drought and consecutive nudie runs. After a deep breath he slotted it into the corner (he is still currently talking anyone within ear shot through the goal). Blueys 4 nil.

Zaps could smell blood and swapped with Rash to try to end his drought (if Hornswoggle could do it,   anyone could) and nudie run. Unfortunately time ran out and the ref blew the final whistle.

This win for the Blueys landed them the 35/1 2014 Champions title with a game in hand. In anticipation of this result, Dunny was sent on a reconnaissance mission to check out potential opposition in the Snowy Mountains competition. The only information from Dunny was that the pitches were covered by a soft white substance and there were excellent pubs and nightlife. Ipswich and Marquee were then dispatched to make their assessment of football talent.

Thanks to:

  • – Forrest for organising off field refreshments and general jocularity.
  • – Pirate for on field refreshments.
  • – Pommy and the Pirate for the BBQ.
  • – Ipswich for setting up training each week and the amusing match reports (slightly better than this).
  • – Joe "Popovic" McCaffrey for his selections, rotating his squad and keeping everyone on their toes including hooking the Marquee after twenty minutes.
  • – Zaps and Quinny for sharing goalkeeping duties for the benefit of the team.
  • – And of course our major sponsor, VOLTAREN.

End Note: Still finals, Champions of Champions and a lot of Voltaren to go.



Goal Scorers

Forrest, Diaz, The Pirate, Hornswoggle.

Player of the Match

Micky C