Match Report O35.1 (10-08-2014)







Match Report

Another fine day at Knapsack Stadium with a lot of activity before kick off.

A call went out to assist with putting the nets up and the rest of the team were surprised when Marquee turned up and helped put up the nets, obviously looking to trigger the second year of his marquee player contract.

Limited numbers available today with Ipswich still out scouting for potential Champions of Champions opponents, this week in Campbelltown/Macarthur district. Cartovic was doubtful starter and JB seeking divine intervention – only able to get there for halftime.

Pommy had a chat to the opposition during the week and got the fairytale about them being short on players with lots of injuries and lucky to field eleven, based on that we knew they would be up for the game.

Joe and Suarez had a lengthy philosophical discussion on the differences between playing football in South America and Northern England and left it at agreeing to disagree.

As it looked to be a tough game, we were happy to see referees turning up. Dunny mentioned his Sunday could be ruined and this seemed a self fulfilling prophecy when we got the pre-game pep talk from the referee who said "we don’t want anyone sent off", to which Dunny queried why was he telling us, as he was the only one with a red card and able to send anyone off.

Joe shuffled his limited deck of cards and sent out the first 11 to turn up and it looked to be a coaching masterstroke as we passed the ball through the midfield, which was anchored by Diaz who was outstanding all day. Hornswoggle terrorised the left side of Penrith early on and could have been 2 nil up after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, Forrest and the Pirate weres not listening to the pre-game instructions to keep the shots low, as the keeper is slow to get down.

We dominated play and were well on top until the back 3 conspired to create a chance for Penrith which was dispatched under Zapps. We keep pressing and were awarded a free kick on the edge of the box which Ice Man whipped in for Dunny to rise like a young salmon to guide it past the keeper. Dunny’s  earlier fears were realised when the referee called the free kick back to discuss inches and feet with the Penrith wall. The ensuing free kick did not have the same result.

Suarez came on late in the first half having finished his chat with Joe and made lots of penetrating runs against a tiring Penrith back four – unfortunately, no joy. Nil 1 at half time.

The second half Blueys started brightly and were rewarded when Suarez burst through the defence and one-on-one slotted one past the keeper. Marquee (Del Piero) came off at 60 minutes to the applause of the crowd with a dodgy hammy which he suggested may have been injured while helping with nets. Cartovic and his dodgy Achilles had to come on to fill the gap and while he looked underdone he put in a good shift.

JB came off the bench and made an impact shortly after when he volleyed home an excellently delivered cross from Forrest. He got a second as we piled on the pressure, putting one into the top corner.

The two stoppers, Hulk and Rash,   started to raise Joe’s blood pressure, both going off at different times with mysterious ailments. I think they were lost without Marquee and wanted to stand beside him. Fortunately, the makeshift back three looked rock solid.

We finished with a fourth from Suarez which took a deflection off a defender and went over the keepers head, might as well claim it – Pommy would.

We got through a tough day at the office with a fortnight to get the injuries right for the final.

Goal Scorers

Suarez 2, JB 2

Player of the Match