Match Report O35.1 (06-07-2014)

Match Report O35.1 (06-07-2014)





Lowland Wanderers



Match Report

With only the bare 11 available, Sean, Rod and Hurls helped us out – thanks guys.

The opposition only had 9 and this seemed to work against us in the first half as we huffed and we puffed but couldn’t get the ball into the net. Finally we broke through with Forrest’s strike on the stroke of half time.

It was more of the same in the second half but the goals started to come. Forrest completed his hat trick, Hurls got a couple and Rod chipped in with one too.

Oh yes, there was one more goal scorer. Much like his hero, John Jensen (Arsenal early 90’s), Andy hadn’t scored for a loooong time. Cheekily the fans on the hill had made t-shirts up in anticipation of the moment ‘I’ll be there when Cartman scores’. Well today that moment arrived, Andy kissing the turf, no sorry, dust, in celebration.

Duly noted that the scribe of this match report has also not notched this year – but hey, the power of the pen! So, one game to go and we are looking for a point for the League Title.



Goal Scorers

Forrest (3), Hurls (2), Rod, John Jensen

Player of the Match