Match Report – O35.1 – 5 April 2015

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 5 April 2015

BMFC O35.1: 5
Jamisontown FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Paul 2, Iceman, Rudi (OG), Rash

Player of the Match: Forrest

Match Report: There was a hasty reshuffle before kick off due to the delayed suspensions for Diaz and International Marquee, and a couple of people returning from an ill-timed weekend away.

We started poorly and brought Jamisontown into the game with some poor play resulting in Rash executing a ball and all tackle inside the box which looked legal however the referee made one of his many curious decisions of the day penalty.

With our regular keeper Neil Armstrong strutting around in his moonboot this meant it was time for our own Bionic Man (we can rebuild him) face the penalty which unfortunately was despatched into the corner. One nil down.

After that shock Joe had seen enough and rang in the changes and we finally started passing the ball around creating a number of chances for Chicken ,Mick R and an excellent chance for Warm up in front of goal which he skied in to the car park.

The Jamisontown keeper was outstanding pulling off a number of saves and was ably assisted by the post and crossbar as well as a couple of ricochets Mick R did not know anything about.

We finally got a breakthrough through excellent build up play at the back by Rash (attempting to redeem himself for his earlier indiscretion) with a pass up the wing to Mick R who crossed to Forrest who rocketed it home.

In the second half we showed some composure and we got a second though Forrest which followed good lead up play by Warm up. The third was an intelligent goal from Iceman who took a touch and then slotted it home. Speaking of intelligence Pommy and Chicken had a philosophical discussion on angles and geometry which was still continuing after the final whistle.

At this stage of the game Jamistown’s formation resembled a bus drivers convention they had that many people in front of their goal. The fourth and fifth goals by Pommy and Rash need no commentary as you will be hearing about them for the rest of the season.

All in all a poor first half with improvement in the second half where our superior fitness guided us to the win.

Interesting statistic for management, 3 of the 5 goals came from defenders which is a reminder of the need to sign goalscorers not strikers.