Match Report O35.1 (03-08-2014)

Match Report O35.1 (03-08-2014)








Match Report

All available today except for Ipswich who was in Melbourne scouting out potential FFA Cup opponents for next year.

It was bit quiet in the warm up and this match was mentioned as a potential banana skin. It did not get any better when Hornswoggle lost the toss for the second time this season. It sounded like squeaky bum time out there.

Before kick-off Springwood commended us on our new state of the art concrete pitch which brought out some quality football.

Blueys started well and within 10 minutes Captain Underpants controlled the ball on the edge of the box and put it in the top corner worth the price of admission for the two men and a dog who turned up to watch today.

The Blueys decided we were not content with winning and invited Springwood back into the game off a long throw which was handled in the box, penalty. Zapps the reluctant keeper saved the initial shot and then dived at the feet of the player to save his next shot. Soon after Hulk encouraged by Rash and Marquee in the far corner passed to the Springwood centre forward who slotted in the bottom corner.

Joe had seen enough and made some changes bringing on Pirate and Forrest (on the bench for a misdemeanour on the golf course). This changed the tempo and Cartovic and Diaz had a couple of long range efforts saved before Captain Underpants was barged over in the box for a penalty.

Joe looked for Iceman who was unfortunately standing beside him. Hulk and Zapps were racing forward for their chance to get off the nudie run. Dunny had already grabbed the ball and was swaggering up, ball in hand towards the penalty spot. He lined it up took a couple of steps and shot at the keeper who saved well. Off to penalty school for him and no pudding tonight.

The second half had the Blueys pressing with no luck until Pommy crossed which the keeper missed and the Springwood fullback chested the cross into the goals with Forrest bearing down on. The Blueys continued to press with Suarez Hulk and Cartovic having a couple of chances before the ref put everyone out of their misery and blew the final whistle.

Overall a poor performance after 3 weeks break but Fagan and his band of pickpockets pinched another one.

Man of the Match to get the free DUFF beer was hotly contested this week after Pommy visited the Duff brewery where he discovered Peroni and Duff are bottled on the same distribution line (photos below).

Special mention to Rash and Ipswich who both had birthdays this weekend.



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Goal Scorers

JB cracker and own goal unless you ask Pommy.

Player of the Match

JB, Quinny and Zap (sadly 3 Duffs down this week)