Match Report – 6.Zebras – 06/04/2019

Match Report – 6.Zebras – Game Date: 06/04/2019


BMFC 6.Zebras
Blue Mountains 6.Kangaroos

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Clive Jones

Match Report: On Saturday, the Zebras faced off with the Kangaroos in what proved to be a spirited encounter. Both teams showed plenty of skill and looked like they enjoyed themselves, despite the odd tear here or there. The Zebra’s enjoyed the inclusion of DJ who played his first full match after selflessly sitting out our first two trial matches.

Both teams displayed sustained efforts in defence which was reflected in the limited scoring opportunities during the game. The pace of the game and the constant changes of possession left both teams looking a little out of puff by the time the final shootout commenced.

Special thanks to the opposition coach who undertook the refereeing duties for the entire match, as well as Jeanne who filled in for our coach who was away.