Match Report – 12.1 – 04/05/2019

Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 04/05/2019


BMFC 12.1: 3
Springwood United FC: 3

BMFC Goal Scorers: Zac, Bailey, Jake

Player of the Match: Tom and Aiden

Match Report: In a third vs fourth tussle the expectations were high from both teams (and coaches) Three minutes in Myles takes a long run continuing his form from last week and narrowly missing a great shot.

Seven minutes pass and Josh finds open ground, pushes the ball through to Jake up front and we have another crack – near miss.

One minute later Springwood are on the attack, carving us up with a certain shot about to happen Jackson was ready as ever and Jacob appears out of nowhere to get his leg in the road and save a dashing run – great hussling by our boys.

Springwood take first blood at the 16 minute mark 1-0. Twenty one minutes in, Springwood take a corner with plenty of scrapping and kicking in the goal mouth and another one rolls in 2-0. Tom, Bodhi and Matthew are working overtime holding Springwood out with Myles, Josh and Ben running hard up front in support. Zac is in the right place at the twenty three minute mark and nails it for a 2-1 deficit at half time. Jackson made some incredible saves and took time getting it out from the goals.

Andy was clear around winning 50/50s at his half time chat and we had to deal with a quick Springwood goal, one minute int the second half and we are down 3-1, then the magic happened…… BMFC didn’t lay down, Five minutes in and Bailey knocks one in after a through ball from the workhorse Aiden who has played his heart out, 3-2. Seven minutes in and Sam has a crack narrowly missing after a great run through the opposition, fifteen minute mark and Ben is away down the sideline, his feet are working well being supported by Zac in the middle zig zagging up the right wing. Ben nails the cross to the waiting feet of Jake who punches it into the net, 3-3.

The boys done themselves proud in the comeback, Everyone on that field stood up and delivered to get us to a draw.