Match Report – O35.1 – 19/07/2020

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 19/07/2020

BMFC O.35.1: 4
Jamisontown FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Zap, Thor, Sem, Archie

Player of the Match: the ref

Match Report: A few years ago, our team had the bruise brothers in Ibra & Lowndsey. Ibra’s still with us but we have a new attacking partnership – I present the Scrunchie Sisters – ok, I know, it doesn’t exactly strike fear into the opposition but Thor and Smudger do both look lovely with their top buns

Unfortunately, I missed the first two goals from Thor and Zap as I was Coaching on the other pitch (see 17.1 match report). I am told Zap pointed to the dropped Sem on the bench after he scored – the message was clear – ‘I’ve played everywhere man’ Zap believed the centre forward role was now assured as his for the rest of the season

We had a Nepean legend as the ref and he didn’t disappoint. PK was seen before the game by him doing a PP in the light shrub and was suitably reprimanded. Then in the first half Pom went down clutching his hammy in pain and as he was close to the sideline the ref asked him to roly poly off the pitch so we could get on with the game. Pom obliged

Sem was finally given a run to boost his confidence by coach Marty and unbelievably broke his long drought without a goal (stretching all the way back to round 1)

At half time Marty asked if everyone was fit for the second half – with Pom out of ear shot his mate Dave covered him by letting Marty know Pom was done, for the season, possibly career ending

In the second half we added one more courtesy of Archie’s lethal left foot

Late in the game Sem was hit from behind harder than a rear end on the M4. Suffering whiplash which can only be caused by such a collision, Marty ran on and poured some cold water on his neck (not sure why, but what else do you do for whiplash?) The Ref showed no concern at all, instead asking Marty if he could buy the hat he was wearing off him