Match Report AA.7 – 28-06-2009

vs Penrith FC
Opposition Score 1

Match Report Match Report – 28 June 2009 After weeks of false starts, Blue Mountains Soccer Club’s All Age 7, were keen to get their stumbling season back on track, hoping to make six points from the last two weeks. The boys came out hard and the first goal was deservedly theirs. Have you ever seen Christiano Ronaldo take a free kick that’s been hit so hard it seems to swerve in every direction? Well, Marshmallow’s shot had none of that, but still, somehow, managed to find the keeper floundering, and the ball found the top corner. The second goal devastated Penrith FC, and while no-one is quite sure who the Heir Apparent was trying to pass the ball to, in the end it didn’t matter, because the cross come lob made its way past one very frustrated keeper and gave the boys in blue a two goal lead – a lead they held until the half time break. Having gone into the half time interval with a two-nil lead Bluey’s were justifiably confident going into the second half. However disaster soon struck, with Tingles letting a carbon copy of the goals he let in from games 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. If there is one thing that can be said for his keeping – it’s that at least he’s consistent. Just as heads went down, and Bluey’s looked to have all but crumbled, Marshmallow did what marshmallows do so well, turned slowly while the heat was on. The shot, however, was something to behold; power, swerve, dip; it had none of these qualities as it dribbled into the left hand corner. The Good Guys were back. The score 3-1. Now it should be noted that the Interloper has been seen playing with the AA7’s before – but never has he had so great an impact. His header for the fifth goal of the game was so good no-one can even remember who put the corner in! Up until this point, Bluey’s defence was solid as a rock, they defended as a unit from the very front and frustrated Penrith to flash point, and unsurprisingly, Cranky was in the mix again. Bluey’s back four were totally in control, with Disco G in charge and le Divot tearing up the pitch like never before. Something had to give, and it did. Disco G fired up those dancing shoes and began the shuffle down the park, weaving in and out of defenders, deftly passing the ball left then right. At the 18 yard box Disco, still dancing, recovered the ball and swept it sublimely past the hapless Penrith FC keeper. Great run, top finish, German precision at its finest – that’s how to play Liberio! Bluey’s 5 to Penrith FC 1. All in all Bluey’s played well and drank even better – finally back in the winner’s circle. P.S. – some bloke duffed a penalty but managed to scramble in the rebound on the follow-up. FINAL SCORE 6-1 Well done lads
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