Match Report AA.7 – 12-07-2009

vs Colo
Opposition Score 0

Match Report The Rise of the Eagle Sunday saw the struggle between the Eagle and the Snake – a battle for survival at the top of the ladder (Bye’s taken into consideration for the pedants in the squad). And pleasantly the Bluey’s AA7’s (the Eagle in this story) came out on top with some visionary strikes from the Wood-duck. Some of these shots were before his time – and when that time comes about – I’m sure they will make it into the net 😉 The battle of the titans was a battle between team tactics as well as individual struggles. Of particular note, was the battle between the Joel’s on both sides. This battle clearly ended in Slasher’s favour and was definitely a major contributor to the end result. The defence was solid, with Divot (stopper, sweeper & right back), Bretallica (corner hog), Disco (nomad) and the aforementioned Slasher! The midfield had to contend with continuous skirmishes – moving forward decisively and retreating when necessary – and in the end came out on top. The strikers were ever-threatening and stood out from the opposition strikers. The difference was the missile launches on goal (and nearby!). Tingles was ever strong in the goal and had to contend with at most two hairy situations. He made a great save with the sun seeming to side with Colo as it seared into the back of his skull!! Well done Bluey’s. A job well done.
Goal Scorers Wood-Duck x 2
Player of the Match Slasher