Match Report AA.7 – 03-05-2009

vs Cranebrook
Opposition Score 2

Match Report MATCH REPORT – BMSC vs CRANEBROOK AA7's – Andromeda oval, Cranebrook 3/4/09 Neither injuries or mussed hair could stop the 'wise, stoic brawn' of BMSC AA7's victorious draw with the 'youth too naive to stop (bloody) running' of Cranebrook on Sunday. A game which started slowly after a weather fueled hiatus from the green slowly sore ailing limbs reanimated. A underestimated Cranebrook brought some dogged persistence and speed up front, and BMSC AA7's were reminded that touch on the ball = less running. Ouch. Game highlights included: * Gonzales covering various positions, and much green, with limbs akimbo aplomb. * New team member Audie flexed all round ability with german engineered precision. * Slasher splashed the mids with some nice crosses from wing, tossed like a fine salad with added Dirt to spare. * Beaker channeled the best of Gonzales and Tingles, covering enough green cover to contract a landscaping firm, and even threw in a visionary header, far beyond it's time, for good measure. * Nathan (the MANTIS) did some great stuff involving feet and balls, inc. lobbing one long and high over defences, barely stopped by their goalies reach for the stars. Before half-time our venerable coach Grasshopper, in both name and nature, went down in a blaze of glory just short of making an undoubtedly incendiary goal. BMSC fought on long and hard consistently dominating Cranebrooks sloppy mids and defence, yet Cranebrooks fast and persistent front occasionally slipped through when a lucky goal near mid-time sailed over Tingles, just out of his reach of his short stumps. * Crussels was as always sharing and caring – even while beleagured in goal he shared the ball, with Cranebrooks strikers. * Tingles got on the field, and inspired by a disco beat worked some bi-pedal magic: throwing matrix inspired back-kicks in the air, and in one Xanadu inspired moment even got one in their net. And in the closing moments: * After much toil, and some beautiful work up-front with the lethal Viper and Mark (the NINJA) providing style and aesthetic foundation Disco G put the moves on – disrobed a loose backline and penetrated the net with forceful determination – equalising with only seconds to spare. And we can't close this annal of history without mentioning: * Crankies happy yellow card for a friendly kicke into a Cranebrook back, with his boot, in front of ref, while play was stopped. He kept up the crank till the end of game, when his stroke kicked in – well in Grandpa, and all of BMSC AA7's.
Goal Scorers Tingles, Disco G
Player of the Match Audie