Match Report AA.5 – 23-05-2010





St Clair



Match Report

Bluey’s AA5 away to St Clair,
Weather fine, expected showers nowhere to be seen

Kick off

St Clair attack

Slasher with no option but to give away a penalty to St Clair player (The Keg on legs) in the box, a direct penalty 1-0 St Clair

St Clair goal, Keg strikes again 2-0 St Clair

BK and Tingles combine from the kick off for a magic goal from BK, Bluey’s 1 – St Clair 2

Tingles passes off the cross bar for Crussel to score the equaliser 2-2

Sticky crosses for Grasshopper to volley in, 3-2 Bluey’s

Half time

Viper strikes down the right hand side, crosses the ball in, keeper fumbles letting the ball go through his legs for Tingles to put it into an open goal, 4-2 Bluey’s

St Clair goal, Keg strikes again 4-3

St Clair equaliser, Keg strikes again 4-4

Free kick taken just inside the half, St Clair defender ducks under the ball leaving The Crank unmarked to shoot and put away the goal that puts the Bluey’s in front 5-4 Bluey’s

Grasshopper puts the nail in the coffin for St Clair, 6-4 Bluey’s

Full time

Bluey’s celebrate with a beverage and Caramello koalas (for just $1.20)

Special thanks to Sticky for his contributions (including Caramello koalas)

Goal Scorers

BK- 1
Crussel- 1
Grasshopper- 2
Tingles- 1
Crank- 1

Player of the Match

BK’s awsome goal