Match Report AA.5 (19-05-2013)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy afternoon that the AA5’s took to the Knapsack stadium to take on Emu Plains. We had heard that Emu had won a few debating competitions in the past but this game was something special.

On the affirmative, arguing that certain Bluey play was not fair, was Emu. In particular, Speaker 1 argued constantly and vehemently that play was not conducted in a Fair manner. Rather than presenting an objective argument however, Speaker 1 seemed to believe that the charm of his Irish accent and the use of repetition would win the argument.

On the opposing side, however – constructive arguments were being put forward. Speaker 1, for example, Le “I am calm” Crank put forward (to the Ref) a series of on-field incidents that would question the moral fibre of the affirmative. It seems that it could be said of Emu that “those in glasshouses should not throw stones”. GB weighed in with an eleventh hour argument and by all account – size does matter as the affirmative’s closing speaker failed to show.

Emu came out hard and the Blueys had to weather 20 minutes of constant attack. Luke was doing well, managing to mark his man – and quite often keep an eye on the left halves man “he who shall not be named”. Dorito and Dirty came on for some quick and hard running, linking in with whoever had the legs to make themselves available! Crank was running, challenging and making plays to assist the team get into the final third. BK was doing the same with some crunching tackles and miraculous challenges in the air.

Crusty, Denty, GB and Luke led the way in the backs with some good challenges and some composed passing. Slasher and Slider also chipped in, being the democrats of the backline – “keeping the bastards honest”. I saw Slider’s face shortly after a challenge … and I wasn’t going to ask how he was doing. He was in “Slider mode” similar to Depeche Mode but with 100 times the amp!

Unfortunate for the Bluey’s, a penalty free-kick was called off a corner where Denty had received a bon-voyage push in the back. Despite this infringement, Denty was penalised for a hand ball which from an unbiased reliable source (Denty) didn’t occur!

Enter Gianluigi Buffon (aka Jason) who donned the keeper’s gloves and made a good play at the coming strike. Emu took the lead with 1-0.

Emu slowed after this – allowing the Bluey’s to play their game a little more. And, of particular note, 30 seconds before half time Crusty smashed a volley at the goal. Yes, the keeper stumbled into a save but it was said that neigh has seen such a crisp crack at the goals since when Crusty was in his 20’s – two decades ago!

Enter the second half and Turtle. Turtle was finding a little bit of space out wide and the lead-up to the Bluey’s first goal was no exception. Turtle held up the ball – offloaded to a Disco Ball who sent a ball through the back line into the path of a Flying Fin (aka The Preacher). The Preacher took the ball into the goal mouth and released before the defence could recover. GOAL!!!!!!!

Lots of good play occurred before another penalty free kick was called. This time, GB was pinged for tripping. Again, an unbiased reliable source (GB) stated that this was baloney.
Buffon, once again took centre stage and made another strong play at the ball. Unfortunately, the scoreline reflected a goal (2-1).

Enter GB (I’m noting the number of times these initials are showing up in this report!) and his right foot slammer to bring the Bluey’s back to a draw. This also removed GB from the nudey run list (and in the hunt for leading goal scorer).

Two incidents of note occurred in the latter part of the second half. We got to see some fire from Smuggler – who, when he lost the ball, chased the stealer down to a gunfight at the OK Corral.

Also, there was an ordinary throw in – which the team always likes to see – as it means that the team will be in receipt of a carton of beer (from the player that is responsible for the offence). One must consider this act of generosity when considering man of the match – and I must admit I thought this was going to go to a Dirty throw-in – but, unfortunately (for Crank) this was not the case.

A job well done guys.

A particular “get well” goes out to Liam who is out for 6 weeks with a broken metatarsal. Yes Tingles, we’re rooting for your boob-strain to get better too!

As always, a big thank you to Slash for the Esky (and all that goes with it).

Goal Scorers

The Preacher, GB

Player of the Match