Match Report AA.5 – 18-04-2010




Emu Plains

Opposition Score



Match Report

After a successful G3 (short for GEEOSSP 3 or Greatest Ever End of Soccer Season Party Ever Part III) in the off season, most of the lads re-signed for 2010. A notable exception was Corin Jackson, a newly wed, who refuses to admit that he’s under the thumb 😉 Nevertheless, Sunday 18th April saw the release of the AA5’s onto to an unsuspecting world. Having jumped two grades the team certainly had a point to prove! Did they prove it and were there any witnesses? Well, yes and no! The team was surprised that the game didn’t start with a drop ball (that’s another story). We started well with a strong strike at goal from Grasshopper (our fearless leader) with the deflect put away by Viper!! 1-0 became 2-0 when Grasshopper put a direct penalty away … woohoo! This is the way I like to remember the game. Special mentions: Barry "Taxman" Summers for joining us for another season, and Tingles for his backheals (Haley may have some competition!). Notable exceptions: Cranky "headlock" di Bie and Slasher "I’m feeling sick" Tomkins Disco G

Goal Scorers

Grasshopper – 1 Viper – 1

Player of the Match

Grasshopper (special mention BK)