Match Report AA.5 (16-06-2013)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy afternoon when an unknown author said "Never laugh at your girlfriend’s choices. You are one of them." This of course has nothing to do with the game of soccer this morning … but nor did our second half!!! šŸ˜‰

We ventured down to Colo with the idea of doing more of what we did last week. And, this did happen in the first half. 45 minutes of hard work was providing some opportunities – for example, a Niall/Disco goal was disallowed with an offside call – but finally the goal came with some gritty determination; a toe-tapping touch from Jason and a beautiful finish from Justin.

My time in the front line reminded me of the battle-hardiness required for the position – it’s a great position and feeling to be running at the goal – but the challenges are nearly always from behind. So I think I walked away with more battle wounds than normal.

The second half was upon us … and didn’t we look good in the team photo last week!!???

The second half saw a nasty tackle on Crank … it would take a lot to pull Crank away from a direct penalty, so I’m happy I wasn’t on the end of it. Tingles almost got the chance to clean up his deflected shot (expletives, expletives).

I, too, was taken down in the box … and Crank added a goal to the score card. Embarrassingly, after the goal … Justin and I stepped up for the kick off … as we had got used to the routine.

Man of the match was Jason who donated a 30 pack of Tooheys New (as a result of a foul throw). I shall copy you into any specials I come across!

There is a whisper of a BBQ for after next week’s game. This is to be confirmed at training so perhaps keep a few hours open for after next week’s game (which is a 9am Knapsack game).

Ooops, I almost forgot Crusty’s and Slider’s goals! What was I thinking?? Crusty’s heel deflection gave the keeper no chance and … Slider’s thigh high ball sailed to the back of the net asmwell.

It was also noted that Dirty headed the ball – perhaps man of the match was assigned too early! Nah, free amber refreshments in a can reign supreme.

Thanks Taxman for our shirts, thanks Slash for our refreshments, thanks Luke for recycling and thanks team for being responsible with our mess. All said, all done.

Anyone looking for a man of the match, or perhaps even an "Ode"?  You know what to do šŸ˜‰

Goal Scorers

Smuggler, Cranky.

Player of the Match