Match Report AA.5 – 13-06-2010








Match Report

Normally when we play it is a dark and stormy day, but on this early morning in Wilberforce it could only be described as frosty with a thin layer of ice covering the pitch.

Brettalica was rostered on for this match report and let everyone know that he was going to write the match report in verse. This is what i received…

Wilberforce are red
Blueys are blue
They scored a goal
Then we scored one too

I am sure a lot more went on in the game, but I think Brettalica’s wise words capture the game brilliantly. If only he found a way to include the spectacular run from Mini as he played the ball to himself, ran into space, beat one defender, then another, took the ball over halfway before making a brilliant pass which unfolded into a great opportunity for the blueys. What a great run – "hang on… Mini", you’re the goalkeeper!! 

Goal Scorers

Player of the Match