Match Report AA.5 (12-05-2013)








Match Report

It was a very dark and stormy morning that the AA5’s took to Knapsack Park to engage the opposition. We lost. Nevertheless, there were some cracking moments among the tears:

*  Smuggler’s through-ball to Crank for our first goal “whoop whoop!"

*  GB’s cracking header off a Smuggler corner … and the re-bound which he blocked over the bar. Now I only raise this as some information was relayed today that GB was part of the U17 NSW Volleyball Team!! Your day in the sun will come GB. If it doesn’t, you’re night in the spotlight will. Either way, you’ll be a winner! šŸ˜‰

*  Bamboozled! Who else but Slider of course who in the second half went to play the ball up the line – the ball came off some part of his body (possibly the boot) to just land on the other side of the opposition player (that was standing in front of him) – Slider takes a few steps (around said player) to effectively have made the best bamboozling pass of the season (to himself!!!!!)

*  Jason made a cracking debut in goals, saving a number of shots, to keep us in the hunt.

*  Shaft made a hard tackle on a blade of knapsack grass to take himself out of the game. Rangers are yet to determine if the grass (a rare species only found on Knapsack Park) will make a full recovery.
Keep recovering BK and get better Tingles and Shaft.

Goal Scorers

Cranky Pants!

Player of the Match