Match Report AA.5 (11-08-2013)









Match Report

It was a dark and stormy afternoon that the AA5’s took to the field for the final time in 2013. After a quiet warm up, the game kicked off and the team got right to business. All attacking opportunities came our way for the first 15 minutes.

The Redbacks then lifted a little and our defence was called into action. The Black Spider was between the sticks and it was his last ditch efforts that saved us a number of times. 0-0 at half time.

The second half started much the same way as the first ended. The Reds were pushing forward and making some chances. Only one run was missed but this is all it took for the Reds to grab a goal. The Reds pushed hard for another 15 minutes but this was weathered and the Blues came chasing for the remainder of the half! We had penetrating runs from Tingles, Nathan and Balls; several corner chances/near misses; a couple of Crusty free kicks/near misses; a Liam header that hit the post and more.

I heard talk all over the field and greater possession resulted. We had the Reds under the pump and any one of the pushes forward could have resulted in an equaliser.

We finished the game the way we finished the year … with great team momentum pushing toward a win.

Looking forward, we have G6 on 14 September 2013. The theme is simply "Celebrities". Finally, when Denty comes dressed as himself, he will be in theme!

I must admit, I came home so disappointed today … but this was because I realised I’d organised a whiteboard session that I couldn’t make! Have a good time on Wednesday and make sure all is organised/delegated. I’ll send Slasher my thoughts.

Finally, we have tried hard all year, but it is these last 3 games that really showed how we could play as a team! Many funny moments, a hatrick in there somewhere, and of course Slashers own goal! Well done to the Golden Boot, Crank!

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