Match Report AA.5 – 09-05-2010





St Mary’s Black



Match Report

It was an unexpectedly bright and bushy tailed turnout by the BMFC AA5’s. Despite a loss under their belt, albeit so early in the season, the turn out was replete with warrior poise, the best soccer hair and newly starched blues and whites (courtesy of the tax man). 

The expected 10 man turn out was not to be. Impassioned by their deep commitment, love and mettle for (and in) the game – hell and highwater wasn’t to stop the BMFC AA5’s. By 10ish the team swelled with a full 14 man regiment.

The game started solid against worthy opponents – St Mary’s Black (who were at the time leading the comp). The opposition had a strong ball skilled mid, fast wingers and flouncy strikers. The Blueys, however, kept them at bay with their unique combination of solid gameplay, skilled defence, muttering, aimless running and occasional interpretive dance. All of which either thoroughly confused the opposition, or lulled them into a false sense of security, either of which was, naturally, our plan.

With both brawn and presence of Tingles and Viper up front the ball went wide far, fast yet not for lack of trying, not very far.

Special mention to Denti for tracking the ball solo from halfway, breaking through both defences, 3 mids and 2 strikers (who happened to be with the Blueys) deep into the oppositions goal box.

Cranky had a stand-out game with much time on the ball, forceful control and follow through and what should have been an equalising header into their goal.

Although the Blueys dominated the St Mary’s half, our offence rarely penetrated their goal box, a few unlucky shots kept our ball from their nets: a header off the top bar, narrow misses in goal box scrums and some notable speculators missed by mere yards.

The game was long, hard and well fought by the Blueys, the last 5 mins saw a leprechaun like sprawl of St Marys players in our goal mouth, Grasshopper deflect 1, 2 shots away but the sheer number of the blighters saw one land in our net. Although twas a heart-breaking turn due to the consummate professionalism of the Blueys nary a tear was to be seen.

The score would doubtless have been a sight more depressing should the strongest defence in the competition not have been in place. 

Goal Scorers

Or should this read – bestest near misses ???

Player of the Match