Match Report – 9.Blue – 16/07/2016

Match Report – 9.Blue – Game Date: 16/07/2016

BMFC 9.Blue:
Blue Mountains FC: BMFC 9.White

BMFC Goal Scorers: Bailey 4, Dan 1, Tyler 1, Xavier 1, Euan 1

Player of the Match: Euan Reece

Match Report: What a great game from two high performing Blue Mountains teams. The White team took the first half with some skilful passing and great goals, they lead at the break 3-1. The Blues re grouped at half time and came out of the blocks like greyhounds who knew it was their last race. Bailey delivered a bag of four goals, one of them some great teamwork with Xavier from a penalty kick. Quick pass from Xav then BOOM from Bailey’s right foot and goal! Dan Gibson as always fills in with skill and delivered a goal of us, complimented by Xavier and Tyler with one each. Then the stars aligned, Tyler put a through ball to right forward and Euan was waiting like a hawk over a field full of mice. Euan took control with his right foot, dribbled gently with his left got closer to the goal with some incredible speed. Euan was not going to be run down today! He closed the angle on the goalie give him the snake eye and KABOOM!!! The ball tore off his right foot, the next thing we see was the back of the net straining to take the pace off the ball. The Blues sideline went wild for Euan as he joins the strikers club – Great work Euan. Blues finished ahead at full time but the real winner was BMFC who have a great group of kids loving their football.