Match Report – 9.Blue – 15 August 2015

Match Report – 9.Blue – Game Date: 15 August 2015

BMFC 9.Blue:
Springwood United FC Inc:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Matt

Player of the Match: Mason

Match Report: Back to knapsack for a run out against the Springwood Utd, and it was a great game that could have gone either way……..that was once the men had worked out the goal set up.

Kick off and both teams had their chances, Blues once again dominated the ball but just could not get the finish that was required. Meanwhile Utd looked dangerous on the break, but at half time nil all.

Come the second Utd took the lead with a slick move only to be pinned back by a fast kick off, Harry C pass and great finish by Matt. One all, but again the fast break for Utd led to a second goal, 2-1. Blues pressed, Matt hit a cracker just over, Mason pulled off an unbeliveable save al la Southall, and Harry M took a goal kick that conspired to hit their keeper, the post, and bounce controversially close to the line (shades of 66 on that one) but it just wasnt to be.

2-1 Utd! A great effort from both sides, Utd shaded it and only the Blues third defeat of the season. Well done to mighty Mason for his MOM performance at both ends of the pitch!