Match Report – 7.Racoons – 19/03/2016

Match Report – 7.Racoons – Game Date: 19/03/2016

BMFC 7.Racoons:
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BMFC Goal Scorers: Olivia Jones

Player of the Match: Olivia Jones

Match Report: The Racoons exploded onto the field with enthusiasm this Saturday, making for quite an exciting second game. They demonstrated recognition and understanding of team playing and we saw a few fantastic passes between the team. We even appreciated a little team planning, as can be seen in Nolan’s attached game plan. Luka, Xaviour and Olivia made some good defensive plays against the Tigers who also played very well. The Racoons were deservingly rewarded with their first ever goal, booted by Olivia, enjoyed by all. They all really seemed to enjoy themselves and enjoy playing together as a team and that was lovely to see this early in the season!

Nolan's game plan