Match Report – 7.Racoons – 12/03/2016

Match Report – 7.Racoons – Game Date: 12/03/2016

BMFC 7.Racoons:
Blue Mts: 7.Tigers

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Xaviour

Match Report:

Nerves were running a little high as the Raccoons met for the first time to train and play their first match. They rallied with fantastic support from their encouraging coach Aidan and were able to come together and play the full game. Early demonstrations of brilliance were noted from all players, but stand outs were; Xaviour for following the ball and play (our player of match), Olivia for defending our goal and Nolan trying hard to be everywhere the action was.

The Raccoons recognised the great skill of the opposing team who have clearly been working hard and practicing their football skills for some time. Congratulations – you looked great out there!

So much fun was had, that I am not sure of the score, but we are all looking forward to seeing you all out there again next week.