Match Report – 11.1 – 25 July 2015

Match Report – 11.1 – Game Date: 25 July 2015

BMFC 11.1:
Glenmore Park FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Kai, Caleb M, Max, Lachlan M, Zac

Player of the Match: Zac Ross, Lachlan Ferguson

Match Report: Cheds Towns Reserve was the location for Saturday’s game against Glenmore Park FC. The sky above was blue, the wind cool and crisp from the south, and the team warmed up well for the 10am kick off.

Lachlan Cassels captained the team well demonstrating a natural ability to lead. Lachlan controlled the flow of play with a high quality roll over dribbling technique that divided the Glenmore Park FC defence providing space and time for the forwards.

Kai scored a hat-trick capitalising on opportunities as they presented covering a lot of ground throughout the game. Caleb Maynard scored a hat-trick also. One particular goal just after half time involved Caleb beating 4 players from the kick off and slipping the ball away to score. The development he is receiving at Football NSW is definitely starting to show.

Max scored twice reinforcing his position in the forwards as the most consistent goal scorer week in week out. Zac Ross showcased his skills development with impressive 1v1 skills taking defenders on and finishing with a power shot off the laces on several occasions. This strategy rewarded him with a great goal in the second half.

Rhys Higgins was rock solid in the mid field and defence maintaining the team strategy of focusing on team play and positioning. Connor demonstrated the perfect header in the second half placing constant pressure on Glenmore Park FC with high pressure defensive play. Lachlan Monaco took advantage of a loose ball after threatening the goal line on several occasions. With his back to goal to Lachlan M. turned firing past the keeper.

Lachlan Ferguson played a Mid Field position developing his skills in attack. This was a very impressive performance adding a new skill development set to Lachlan’s already extensive range of skills. Kaleb Lewis was excellent in defence as usual playing with authority and confidence and always ready for the challenge.

Sam Williams played an exceptional game demonstrating an excellent understanding of the game strategy. He played many brilliant precise passes throughout the game that caused all sorts of trouble for Glenmore Park FC. Last but not least, goal keeper Dan Oakey made a brilliant save tipping the ball over the bar sending the sideline into gasps of awe. Great save keeper!

A great team effort rewarded!