Match Report U12.4 (09-04-2011)








Match Report

It was another solid win for the Blue Mountains U12.4s, however the score didn’t do justice as to how emphatic the performance really was. We were dominant across the park, with the combinations between the players showing that all the hard work at training and expert guidance from our coach was paying off. The first half had Warradale on the back foot, with our spirited midfield of Molly, Sonny and Fraser winning the lion’s share of possession and providing an avalanche of opportunities for our forwards. After a few minutes Harry centred with a beautiful high cross that was met on the volley by Nick S for a lovely opening goal, with Nick adding our second from a shot straight through the keeper. Daniel Neale curled a brilliant shot into the net from an impossible angle after a nice one-two pass. The first half was finished off with a great Alec Chapman goal, as he weaved around the defence and slammed the ball into the back of the net to give us a us a 4 nil lead. Our defensive wall of Nick G, Finbarr, Daniel M and Noah were as usual impenetrable, leaving Isaac our keeper to relax in the midday sun for most of the half.

The second half saw some positional changes, which illustrated the versatility of our players as they spent ninety percent of the half camped in front of the Warradale goal. Ultimately though it ended up with a frustrating parade of near misses as we scraped the post at least six times, to finish as we started. And need I mention the manager’s brave promise to supply iceblocks should the team get 4 first half goals? Maybe he should have made it 6 goals! Look forward to a half time treat next Saturday kids!

Goal Scorers

NIck Schembri 2, Daniel Neale 1, Alec Chapman 1

Player of the Match

Nick Schembri