Match Report O35.3 (08-07-2012)

Match Report O35.3 (08-07-2012)





Bligh Park



Match Report

Arriving early, Ipswich, La Celeste, Stanley and Telly Savalas (the list is endless Dave!) decided to give the pitch an inspection. The prognosis was that it was very long and sticky underfoot. Telly then visited the powder room and fortunately took his note pad with him, overhearing that the opposition were down on troops and carrying a few injuries – great insight our white Seal!

To the match and to be honest, it was not one of our best performances this year. Despite fielding many more slender fellas than our opposition, the long field seemed to suit Bligh Park more than ourselves. In the first half both teams created a few chances. Leeds saved a one on one and got off his line well a few times to cut out balls in behind for the the dangerous Silver Fox. La Celeste had one well saved from a free kick but apart from that we didn’t really have another chance I can recall.

A half time talking to from Intensity seemed to do the trick as we started brightly in the second stanza, Harry getting his nut on a corner kick ony to see it go just wide. Bligh Park though battled their way back into it and as the half wore on it started to look like we were heading for a goalless draw.

Our defence was superb again today. With The Ax away at a Yoga retreat at Palm Beach, the boys at the back – Choppy, Roberto, Swerv, Intensity, Dicky and Swingy -worked tirelessly in front of Leeds to keep the opposition at bay. All that said, it was a defensive mix up with about 10 to go that led to the opening goal. The ball ricocheted off Swing and Roberto to the aforementioned Silver Fox, who jinked back inside Intensity to set up a one on one with Swerv (now in goal as Leeds had left to get to work) and slotted home. 0-1.

The goal seemed to sting us into life. About a minute later, Ipswich received the ball in the centre of the park and lifted a ball over the defence for La Celeste to run onto. Seeing the centre half back peddle and turn as the ball went over his head was a great sight, knowing that La Celeste’s pace would get him clear. The left foot shot squirmed under the big keeper and into the net. 1 all.

All of a sudden we were all over them. A number of chances were created. Kozy had been moved to the role of playing just behind La Celeste and with 2 minutes left on the clock it paid dividends. Ipswich slotted La Celeste away down the left, where he stopped swivelled and put in a left foot cross that the keeper seemed destined to collect…but no. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Super Kozy, arriving in the nick of time to get a foot in front of the keeper to knock it in. 2-1.

When the final whistle blew we knew we had got away with one today as we only really played well for the last 10 minutes.

Photo – The Ax improving his flexibility at the Yoga retreat ahead of his return next week.



Goal Scorers

La Celeste, Super Kozy.

Player of the Match