Match Report AA.5 (17-07-2011)





Wentworth Falls



Match Report

The AA5’s had an early start to their Sunday with the setting up of the nets before a 9am kickoff. The nets were superbly erected and naught have you ever seen anything more taut in your life!

Setting the scene: the opposition were leading the table and had monstered our score sheet with a 6-3 win in our first encounter. Enough said.

Today, we started with a new setup. Chris put his hand up for keeper and had a blinder for the team. He even faced a penalty free kick which didn’t see the back of the net!

The backline was solid with a sleep deprived Denty and marking backs Slasher and Bendy. Very tidy work and some great scrambling!

The midfield ran their arses off, more so than the opposition, enabling the team to be on the offensive. Enter the Criker (Crussel the Striker) and his blend of solid shoulder work and deft footwork. Smash-bang 1-0 to the Blueys in the first 10.

Criker hits a second one past the keeper and then Les puts a rebound home for the third!

Do do do do doo: 3-1.

Then Tingles collects a deflection, makes it his own and places our fourth goal home.

Liam gets the award for most unlucky not to have scored this year. When the goal comes, it will be a screamer πŸ™‚

It was also good to hear that some of our lovely partners made it along to Ladies Day and had a blinder of an afternoon! As a result of some of the raffle wins the girls will be supporting the team in a more direct way:

* Megs won a $20 Little Bottler Voucher (thanks Megs!)
* Tanya won a voucher from Cartridge World (Baz will now be able to print out the team stats once again. Thanks Tanya!)
* Heather won an Ella Bache voucher (the team can now get a facial. Thanks Heather!)
* Jen won a voucher to The Professor (so the team can be fed! Thanks Jen!)
* Slasher won a washing basket full of cleaning stuff plus an iron! (our jerseys will never look better! Thanks Slash!)

There is nothing better than the gift of giving: so lets keep on giving it to the opposition πŸ˜‰

Goal Scorers

Crusty, Les, Tingles

Player of the Match