Match Report AA.5 (05-06-2011)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy day as the boys headed down the mountain to the hidden jewel that is St Joseph’s. We knew we were to run onto the field with 2 less than the week before: The Scalpel got his hand stuck in a door (broken wrist) and Tingles practiced ‘the worm’ one too many times (fractured ribs).

A little known fact is that Grasshopper could only make the field after he borrowed a sock – somehow one was lost in transition.

It was a hard fought battle and the clear winners were our staunch supporters, who enjoyed a lovely afternoon outside watching a small cow like creature (Slider Jnr) cavorting around the paddock …

Well executed set plays took out two of the opposition without incurring any infractions (free kicks etc) against us. Obviously Cranky, Slider and Slasher were on the opposite side of the field during these covert operations 😉

Apologies for purchasing JD Red instead of Bundy Red “such a rooky mistake!"

A big thank you to Tingles for making the trek down the mountain with us. I guess I would too if I got burned doing "de worm".

Onward and upward!

Goal Scorers

Grasshopper, Cannons, Dez, Dekka & The Gun’s lead whistler

Player of the Match