Match Report 22L.1 (12-06-2011)








Match Report


Some players love the rain; sliding around and getting filthy all add to the texture of winter footy. In truth, it was a cold and miserable day at Blaxland with a biting cold wind and occasional rain doing little to inspire our girls who were, in truth, convincingly beaten and the weather didn’t help the cause. Certainly not the way we anticipated things going after last week’s performance and with a rare full team (still no subs), expectations were higher tinged with the knowledge that even an 11 o’clock start may not have provided enough sleep time following the euphoria of the concert the night before. Probably the most tired I have seen our troops in a while once they all turned up.

In truth, it was an entertaining game, particularly when Adele was given free reign to play striker while wearing the goalie jersey. Once coaxed out of goals, the pandemonium was hilarious and not even the opposition knew what to do. An interesting tactic for later on perhaps. Certainly we held onto the ball better and using offside strategy the opposition didn’t bang one in from distance, a good result and lots of fun. Bri’s first half performance in goals was difficult conceding four goals in regular succession but not diminishing her smile as she pulled off numerous memorable saves and her attack as striker in the second half earned her a share of the Player of the Match, along with Tash. What do you say about Tash, she gives a 100%, always,   lets the opposition know she is there, digs deep and works hard for the team each and every game and could go close to being Player of the Week most times.

The other memorable point was Meg’s dead ball and free kicks following one on one tuition pre-game (hence she was the most spritely) paid dividends for the team, turning the team into instant attack which unfortunately didn’t pay dividends this week but is certainly an encouraging sign. Emily, Rebecca and Taylor were typically solid in defence and attack, but cast forlorn figures in the cold and were clearly not happy with the weather. The cold did however make Hannah, Zoe and Adele run a lot more than usual keeping warm by moving around; bravo, girls. Still didn’t get the result though.

Liv was obviously in holiday mode and dreaming of the Greek Islands as like a soon to be tourist got a little lost as striker early but got her bearings back in the backline where she had a typically efficient game holding down the opposition’s speedy forwards. A quieter than usual Ash did get closest than most to scoring a goal which would have been nice, but ending the game sooner would have been nicer. At the end of the game the team talk was short, "Lets go home and discuss the game at training" and with that Taylor could lose those pins & needles, Ash could rest her head and the others reminisce on last night’s concert and catch up on some well needed sleep.

The coach went home and sat in front of the fire and like all other spectators slowly thawed out over the next couple of hours. It was so cold. And that ended another memorable weeks footy. Cheer up, still six more weeks of winter to go.

Goal Scorers

no own goals this week

Player of the Match

Bri & Tash