Match Report O35.2 (04-08-2013)

Match Report O35.2 (04-08-2013)








Match Report

Captain Underpants had convinced Ice Man, Buggy and Rush to come away with him on his annual long weekend away at Taylorwood Nudist Resort in North Queensland – as the advert boasts as ‘Offering the ultimate in stress free Nudist vacation in Australia’. This left behind the ‘bare’ 11 and we knew this gave us all a good chance of avoiding the hook from DG for any schoolboy errors we were bound to make. It also was noted that the average age of the team was lifted by a number of years.

Zap celebrated early, see photo, as Hornswoggle let the opposition call on the coin toss – the tactic coming up trumps for the second week in a row.


Zap and Roberto shored up the centre of defence this week – after the game the back line all commented on the sense of peace and tranquility they felt in Rush’s absence.

Blaxland were well in the game in the first half – The Kaiser making one save diving to his left jarring his shoulder on impact that sadly left him unable to lift his can of VB above the horizontal after the game.

The only goal of the half came from an Ipswich deep corner headed back across the face of goal by stand-in centre forward Psycho for left back Dicky to get his fourth goal of the season.

In the second half we got on top and played much better football. Uncle Chop Chop surged down the right hand side on numerous occasions; Hornswoggle resisted the opportunity to clatter his brother in law in goal; Cue Ball managed to miss from one yard out when it was easier to score; La Celeste grabbed a brace – the first a cracking finish from the edge of the box in off the post and the second just reward for perseverance as he somehow managed to beat about 5 Blaxland players and the keeper to dink home, with no Blueys support in sight!

Looking forward to seeing the boys back from their trip at training on Wednesday night as they try to force their way back into the starting line up for next Sunday’s game.

Goal Scorers

La Celeste (2), Dicky.

Player of the Match