Match Report U9 Wolves (30-06-2012)

Match Report U9 Wolves (30-06-2012)





BMFC Sharks



Match Report

The sun was out at Knapsack and the conditions ripe for the BMFC derby between the evenly matched U9s Wolves and Sharks and the game didn’t disappoint.

The formation of the Wolves looked sharp at the opening whistle, but it didn’t stop the Sharks scoring the first goal.

We soon found our rhythm and Layla and Luke quickly formed a good barrier in front of Josh in goals.

Alex ran hard from deep in defence and thanks to disciplined structure, found options up forward which enabled the Wolves to move the ball freely through the midfield and forward.

Luke was exemplary in holding his forward position, as was Josh, Martin and Hamish which resulted in goals following hard work from the defenders and mids ‘pushing the ball forward’.

Kynan’s work pushing forward was brilliant in the first half, and he held strongly in goals in the second.

Lachlan worked through the midfield and forward, finding great space and making great passes to players in space.

Hamish in second half made some game changing challenges which turned the ball in the our favour.

Layla dazzled with her footwork again in defence.

Martin was brilliant with his positioning forward and defending when the ball was moving the other way.

Alex split through with some amazing passes and pushing forward for a goal.

Josh ran to great position in the second half with a very close shot.

Luke fought hard to ensure we maintained the ball and when he pushed forward, he held his position strongly, providing the team with an option near goals, resulting in several scores and earning Luke Player of the Week.

Great game Wolves.



Goal Scorers

Alex – 1, Hamish – 2, Luke – 2.

Player of the Match

Luke Dunning