Match Report U9 Wolves (14-07-2012)

Match Report U9 Wolves (14-07-2012)





Blaxland Bears



Match Report

After a couple of weeks off due to school holidays it was going to be interesting to see how the Wolves would go up against the classy Bears of Blaxland.

Our touch during warm up was good and after a brief talk about how we wanted to play, we were off and it was a fantastic start.

Along with all our supporters on the sidelines, I was really impressed with the way we forced our game plan and it was working brilliantly.

Hamish and Kynan were amazing, winning the ball from the opposition in defence with repeat multiple efforts at each contest, ending up with the ball and space in front of them.

Alex and Martin were transitioning through the middle beautifully, breaking the lines and Layla and Luke were all over the Bears defence, running into space.

We had several shots on goal and scoring chances in the first half but just couldn’t get the ball into the net.

Lachie made some good saves and it was close at half time with the Bears just ahead.

Whilst we held our structure well in the second half, we just began to tire and the Bears kept running, which saw them kick a few more goals to win the game.

Layla’s effort in goals in the second half was inspirational, as Blaxland were firing in shots hard and fast but Layla kept attacking and charging them down, making save after save.

Martin, finishing the game in defence refused, to give up and attacked every contest that came his way, winning player of the week – Well done Martin!

Putting this performance into perspective, whilst the scoreline and the fact we tired in the second half might feel disappointing, there is no question that when we were fresh, our game stood up against the experienced and strong Bears outfit and we outplayed them for most of the first half, proving that the Wolves when we work hard, are a Top Class team.

Things that stood out were:

  • the confidence of all the players;
  • the attack on the ball;
  • the control and decision making;
  • the effective passing;
  • talk;
  • movement into space;
  • repeat efforts at every contest.

Even when we were tired, we tried to maintain our focus on these things and our positioning and structure. I’m extremely proud of all our players and looking forward to taking this game forward for the rest of the year and finishing the season off in style.

Well done, Wolves!



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