Match Report U9 Cougars (16-04-2011)








Match Report

An absolutely brilliant game of football that was appreciated by all the spectators.

Springwood took an early lead and it took a calmly placed shot from Heath Stanners to level the scores.

Ben Haywood, Tom Wrightson and Jack Higgins went on a shooting spree, but all their efforts were desperately blocked by the opposition defenders.

Angus Callinan worked tirelessly in the middle of the field, and Jacob Rynne was awesome despite asthma before the game.

James Harvie played the first half as Goalkeeper, then came onto the field second half, and put in a huge effort.

The second half of this game was amazing, and at times it was hard to believe it was eight year old children displaying such skills. Amazing saves by both Goalkeepers, Oliver Magri showing fantastic agility and bravery.

Trailing 3-2 with minutes of the game remaining, we constantly pushed for the goal to draw level. Jack Higgins was inspirational and it rubbed off on the entire team. In the dying seconds Tom Wrightson whipped over a high and powerful cross, and Ben Haywood showed great skill and bravery to head the ball powerfully into the net.

A draw was the least we deserved, and it was great to have a really competitive game of football where we had to work hard.

Tom Wrightson won the POTW Award, he constantly tormented defenders and displayed great skills.

Goal Scorers



BEN HAYWOOD (Great Header!)

Player of the Match