Match Report U9 Cougars (06-08-2011)








Match Report

Another win but it’s easy to ignore the training and preparation these guys go through every week.

For an hour every week at training, these young players listen and learn how to play football. Then on Match Day they warm up, talk and get ready for the game ahead. Yes, it’s only sport, but it’s nice to be competitive!

Today, we ripped Springwood to pieces, the standard of our football quite amazing at times! As well as scoring plenty of goals, we moved the ball all over the field, which can only happen if all the players know how to hold their positions and give us some width.

In the second half Oliver Magri moved into the forwards, and went on an amazing run with the the ball up the wing that thrilled the crowd.

Jack Higgins seemed to enjoy the freedom after coming out goalkeeping duties and was awesome as an outfield player.  James Harvie replaced him after showing how he has developed into a brilliant defender this year.

Ben Haywood and Tom Wrightson both did what they’re paid the big bucks for, and scored five goals between them. Both have an incredible talent for finding the net!

POTW was won by Heath Stanners, obviously motivated by his extended family in the crowd, who was absolutely awesome!

Ex Socceroo Alan Ainslie is going to run the training session next week, before we enter the Nepean 50/50 Comp and play against the best from the District.

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