Match Report U6 Lions – 01-08-2009

vs Emu Plains Panthers
Opposition Score 4

Match Report Another week on the field – what was it going to bring – a win or a loss? The lions went out strong and gave it their all only to be down 3 to 1 in the first half. In the second hald the Lions came together and coach was happy that "finally" all her hard work was paying off. Maeve took the first goal in the first half, Hayley took the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and Maeve finished with game off with the 5th goal – this brought our first win in quite some time. Isabella, Maeve and Hayley stood united to stop the ball in its path. James put in a great effort and was a little disappointed that the goal he went didn't quite work out as he would've liked. The opposition had a great goal opportunity when Ethan decided to put his body on the line and come between the ball and the goal. Well done team you deserve the win you had as you all played exceptionally well.
Goal Scorers Maeve Goehner (2) and Hayley Cartner (3)
Player of the Match Hayley Cartner