Match Report U5 Bears (16-04-2011)





U5 Cougars


Match Report

Despite the wet weather the Bears happily took to the field and were a delight to watch. This week Jasper proudly joined his team on the field, participating very keenly while ensuring Dad was watching this momentous occasion. Alexander preferred to support his team from the sideline under the comfort of his umbrella. Daniel very excitedly got some good runs with the ball and some running kicks. Harry’s patience and ball handling skills once again resulted in a handful of goals, this time he scored 5. Mason’s wonderful team spirit and sense of camaraderie was very heartening. He also had some good ball time and narrowly missed scoring a goal. Will’s boundless energy and enthusiasm resulted in a goal and he also participated in a few assists. Once again well done boys.

Goal Scorers

Harry 5 Will 1

Player of the Match