Match Report U11.3 – 21 April, 2007

Team Match Report Under 11.3
vs Emu Plains
Opposition Score 5
Match Report Emu Plains (5) BMSC (0) The score not reflecting how well our boys played today. This was a hard fought game against a strong Emu Plains side with reserves to spare. Emu had some very experienced players who had 20+ attempts at our goals only managing to score 4 times in the first half and once in the second. Our team was down three players and did well to keep the score to (5) (0)
Our team, Thomas Marsh (POM) did a fantastic job in defence, Jonathan Doyle (BIG) Played a great first half in attack and kept the score down to 1-0 in the second half. Hayden Wallace was awesome in Goals during the first half against a strong Emu Plains side. He attacked and played very well during the second half. Chris Dukes showed some fancy footwork and excellent defence throughout the game. Alex Furniss did a great job in defence and attack with some very good passing and ball play. Zach Stewart also defended well and had some great tussels with the opposition. Zach Hameister proved again what a valuable player he is and made the opposition really work hard. Oliver Scarlett had a fantastic game, defending and passing really well. Jonathan Owen, fresh from 4day soccer camp showed some great ball skills. Adam Hull as always, lead from the front with some excellent passing and great attacking runs, was unlucky not to score.
Goal Scorers N/A
Player of the Match Thomas Marsh (POM) Jonathan Doyle (BIG)