Match Report O35.5 – Season 2010

Season in Review: Over 35-5
Pre season training – what a chore: hill runs, push-ups, sit ups, more hill runs … all this on an empty stomach.  "Where the bloody hell is the beer".
After weeks of Sunday training sessions, we finally have our first trial game with heaps of potential on show for all to see.  Some amazing purchases during the off-season have strengthened the depth of our squad for season 2010.
Round one approaches with an away game against Springwood, which we escape with a 4-3 victory.
Round 2 sees the start of our amazing run of victories at Knapsack with a thumping 5-1 victory over Hazelbrook.
During the course of the season we turned our home games into a fortress, winning every game, with an amazing 47 goals scored and only 7 conceded.  This really set us up well for the premiership.
As the season progressed our strength became obvious.  Every player, from number one to number sixteen, whoever put on a Bluey’s jersey, held their heads high.
A special mention has to go to Ralph for all the planning and effort he has put into the team.  I know all the players really appreciate his efforts.
Last, but not least, a big thanks to Mervyn for keeping us rehydrated at full time with the esky.  Remember behind every great team there’s an even greater esky.
In closing, a big thank-you to all of our supporters who followed us for the season.  The team really appreciate your time and support.  Looking forward to seeing you all in season 2011.