Match Report O35.3 (20-05-2012)

Match Report O35.3 (20-05-2012)








Match Report

Buoyed by our improved performance last week, we travelled up the hill to a very sunny and warm Lawson, home of Hazelbrook.

With Leeds recovering from his Wedding Day, Swervin donned the goalkeepers jersey and marigolds. We employed the same structure as last week with Sick Note sitting in front of the back four, The Kaiser at the top of a midfield diamond, Peter Garrett in the middle and a couple sublime wingers out wide. Ipswich put La Celeste through but the shot went just wide of the post. Hazelbrook were restricted to a few long range shots and Swervin was superb, catching every single one of them. The ball over the top, this time from The Kaiser, again put La Celeste away and this time he finished, knocking in the rebound after the keeper parried the first one. Late in the half, La Celeste shot across the keeper and the ball was going in only for a diving Hazelbrook player to knock it away with his hand. Penalty. Amazingly the referee did not even book the offending defender. The keeper was booked for booting the ball into the car park. Intensity stepped up and coolly stroked the ball into the bottom left hand corner, Drogba-esque. The ref blew his whistle as someone had encroached into the box and the second one was saved as Intensity went the other way. Half time, 1-0.

Hazelbrook improved in the second half as the passing game through the midfield started to become more effective. On the break though, La Celeste got a cross in from out wide and Peter Garrett hit a sweet volley from about 8 yards out with too much power for the keeper to get near. With about 10 to go Hazelbrook pulled one back with the ball squirming under Swervin and over the line. A tense last few minutes was broken with another break and cross from the right for The Kaiser to meet just inside the box and fire into the corner. La Celeste was upended near the end and Chop Chop was sent off (to be rescinded after the game) for, I don’t know what.


I happened to be warming the bench when we scored our third and also just happened to have my camera in my hand. I turned to my left to see our supporters with their backs to the pitch, bouncing up and down, arm in arm, doing the Poznan. We wear Man City colours and you have to love the fact our supporters are following Man City’s supporters lead.

The consensus after the game was Sick Note was Player of the Match for a solid display as a defensive midfielder and getting up the park to assist the forwards on a few occasions – a Man City fan too.

In the car park, as we circled round the Esky kumbayah style, Swinger regaled me with this weeks ‘inside word’ from The Club. I may not have got the details 100% correct (nothing new there then), but this is what I heard … after putting in yet another all-night 5 star performance, Swingy decided he would get his body completely waxed, again, ahead of this weekends match to ensure he was looking his best for his adoring fans. The waxing, he said, was painful but also, perversly, a highlight of his week. Post-wax, Swing jumped in the shower, only to slip on a stray bar of Lux that someone had left on the floor. Showing his renowned flexibility, Swing pirouetted and landed safely back on his feet. Actually he might have just said he slipped in the shower and injured his hip …

Goal Scorers

La Celeste, The Kaiser, Peter Garrett

Player of the Match

Sick Note