Match Report AA.5 (28-08-2011)





Emu Plains Black



Match Report

What did the last game of the normal season hold for the AA5’s?  A chance to secure second place and a chance to knock out our opposition from the semi’s.

Did it happen?  And was it a dark and stormy day?  By some freaky chance … YES and YES!!!

What an effort today, guys.  EVERYONE worked hard from the first minute. Dez deftly popped one over the keeper in the first half and from that moment, we fought to hold on.  We didn’t get to play our normal passing game, but we got the job done.

It was good preparation for the semis (bar a number of meat-head challenges from the opposition).

We all wish Ben Droll a speedy recovery.

Everyone else: stretch up, warm up and rev up for Wednesday night’s semi.

Goal Scorers

Grass Hopper

Player of the Match

Ben Droll