Match Report AA.5 (12-06-2011)





St Mary’s Band Club



Match Report

Believe it or not, it was a dark and stormy day as the lads took their Barcelona inspired football to St Mary’s. The match began even with both teams passing the ball well. St Marys seemed to venture into our goal box 1 or 2 more times than we did, so when the first goal against us came, perhaps it wasnt such a surprise.

Despite the goal, the team was able to maintain good possession as we looked to equalise. Almost against the run of play: St Mary‘s hit a crucial ball into a scrambling Denty and we were 2 down. Again we pushed on and held good possession til half time.

Coming out of the tunnel at half time saw the Blueys pressure the opposition and again maintain possession. Finally, our time came: Liam took control of a ball in the oppositions box before being taken down. A direct penalty saw an opportunity to get back into this game. Captain Crank took on the responsibility and saw the ball into the back of the net!!!! 2-1

St Marys started to get a little restless with their tackles which gave us heart. Dekka to Disco down the left side of the field saw a slim chance pay off. Crank distracted the opposition with some mad calling whilst Disco took the chance between post and keeper close the baseline. 2-2.

I thought wed be consolidating a well fought draw, but there was one more attack to come. A Crank throw to Dekka, a deft turn and not so deft slam saw the Blueys up 3-2.

Well done boys! We have been waiting for this particular win. Obviously a top effort by everyone.

Goal Scorers

Cranky, DG & Dekka

Player of the Match

It was a great effort by all but I’ll jump off the fence – Denty & Crank