Match Report 22L.1 (31-07-2011)







Match Report


On a glorious, albeit frosty, Sunday morning the team set up the nets for the last time this year. The game had been billed as a Sunday fun one with a BBQ and drinks for players and spectators afterwards celebrating the year that was. It was a team of nine that turned up to play with Ash still injured and with the others MIA we still put a 9-girl team on the paddock.

The game started as expected and everyone’s mind was on the barbie, with the game being a sideshow for the main event and in truth the game lacked spark and we were seemingly going through the motions. The opposition attacked mainly down the middle and we tended to concentrate our efforts there, as opposed to playing out wide, which eventually paid dividends.

Adele started in goals again but seemed to forget one of the benefits of the position is the ability to use her hands. Three crept in under the radar and so the rotation into goals began with Alex, the more regular goalie, showing the best form of all the contenders.  It seemed that as the girls were rotated through goals, family would turn up at that time … and to watch a goal go in.

As usual Bri and Hanna looked spritely out wide, like they have all year and made plenty of yardage particularly in the second half. But best was from Adele who scored all four of our goals against some hefty defence and doubled our best score to date. Tash and Megs were typically resolute in the centre of defence and played more attack as instructed which left hole in the defence but who wants to defend on a Sunday fun one. The two covered heaps of ground. Rebecca had an outstanding game in right back, while equally impressive was Alex, fast becoming the team utility player and no matter where she plays, she turns out a solid performance. Zoe and Emily showed plenty of initiative and were pretty much in the heart of the action the whole game and ran themselves ragged in midfield. These two turned in two excellent performances for a fun game. In the end we copped a heap of goals: some quite good ones, but more importantly …WE SCORED 4 GOALS.

Quite a relaxed game in comparison to the party afterwards as the team chowed down on Rob’s world famous Korean chicken kebabs and Moroccan sizzling sausages (slightly burnt one side, but sizzling). A couple of cool drinks, nibblies under a blue sunny sky, the type only Knapsack Oval can dish up: …lovely jubbley.

With awards voting wrapped up for the year, we relaxed and took in the melodious sounds of old man’s footy as we watched the old grumpies minus the coach go round. Welcome to seniors footy at Bluey’s where the footy sometimes takes second place to more social pursuits. Training as usual for round robin series now. Hopefully we win one.

Goal Scorers

Adele (4)

Player of the Match