Match Report 22L.1 (08-05-2011)






Match Report


It kinda sounds ironic that on Mother’s day we copped the mother of all hidings, possibly a club record, but there were some positives believe it or not. Firstly, we had a full team (no subs), we were at home with nets up correctly (unlike those O35.5 amateurs) and it was a glorious day for football.  Unfortunately we couldn’t match it with the well drilled Colo team (& all the accolades associated with that team) and the difference in ability showed.

By the time the coach got to the game the stuffing had been pounded out of the team and the only formality was the score, which we’re not too sure was accurate but is what it is.

Having said this it does however show us how good we could get with some ambition, determination and application. The sky is the limit for those who don’t believe in limitations. We must remember that two of last year’s team moved to Reps and are now crafting their trade in a more elite arena than those left behind.

Simply put, it’s a question how well do we want to do and I believe the answer should be better. How far do we want to go, further.

This game, in context, will reverberate for a while, but the team will be better for the experience if we believe we will be. And we will.

A point to consider is that at Week 4 we sit comfortably at zero points along with a number of other Blueys teams, an eerily comforting feeling we are keeping good company.

Glass half full or half empty, you decide.

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