Match Report 22L.1 (07-08-2011)





Glenmore Pk



Match Report


The first of three Pennant finals saw our bluey outfit take on Glenmore Park on a frosty morning at Henry Lawson. Thanks to the hosts for setting up the ground and even providing a start up ref until the official Black & white took over. Apparently affiliated with our cross town rivals (Redbacks) it explained why he got lost & was late but put in a sterling performance as our offside trap netted a huge haul. Don’t dis the sky blue & you don’t get a write up, son.

Our 8-girl squad took on a full team and were extremely competitive in spite of the score. Bri joined Ash on the injury bench, Taylor had been sick all week and Liv was still catching up on homework and study after Greece, so as usual there were plenty of gaps. Our delicate flower Zoe donned the Goalie shirt for the first quarter and showed she could toughen up when required and lead the way in hard performances between the sticks letting only the average in, so well done girl.

Megan was unleashed up front and seemed to rebel in the mayhem she created and got onto the end of some great attacks but was unlucky not to get on the score sheet. She later returned to her customary sweeper’s role and was kept busy til the end. It takes a cool head to score and even then it doesn’t work out, while Adele finished off one off from her many raids when re-positioned up front. Back in the backs however she proved real nuisance value but teamed up well with Rebecca and Alex who shared centre back.

Rebecca covered probably the most amount of kilometres I have seen her run and was earmarked for goal duties but came up the classic comment "You know I never complain, Rob but …" Who could refuse such determination and as a result was allowed to clock up more frequent flyer points. Player of the match Alex showed her versatility, cementing her reputation as the team’s utility player and was outstanding at centre back where there seemed no point in moving her. Hannah & Emily constantly swapped right back & wing throughout the game and both got up the park to fire off a couple of shots this week. They provided stability on the flanks and like Rebecca covered heaps of meterage having to constantly drop back as we played up in the opposition’s end for plenty of the game.

Tash saw plenty of action moving between the forwards and back and was a real handful when she partnered Megs and showed their combination to be very productive no matter where I put them. Not happy about being in goals for a quarter again was evident but toughed it out like the others nevertheless. I think the opposition’s midfield was relieved when you were in goals. The score gradually blew out over the course of the game primarily because of the sheer number of gaps and the fact we were constantly in attack mode, but the girls are certainly fitter as a result and don’t seem physically stressed unlike our first game at Mark Leece Oval.

All in all a competitive game played in good spirit. Looking forward to having all the troops together of one game, maybe the Springwood game at home. Book it in.

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