Committee Recruitment

Committee People Needed

If you enjoy being part of the club, help yourself and your family by giving us a hand!
Our club is a voluntary sporting association that relies totally on the efforts and skills of its members.  We will only continue to prosper with the support and participation of players and their families.  With the loss of a number of committee and other people in recent years, our club is seeking new volunteers to come forward and help with the efficient running of the club … and to get the new ideas that new people bring to the club.

Roles that must be filled during the season are:

  • Coaching and Managing teams
  • Committee positions or assistants to committee members with specific tasks throughout the year.

In particular, the club is looking for volunteers to take on the roles of:

      • Registrar
      • Member Protection Officer
      • Safety Officer
      • Coaching Coordinator
      • Publicity & Promotions Officer
      • Roster Officer
      • BBQ Coordinator (Saturday AM only)
      • Fields and Maintenance Coordinator
      • Act as Duty Officer for a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

The club needs additional people to assist and to ensure the efficient running of game days.  Without the assistance of new volunteers, the ability of the club to provide efficient and speedy service to its members is severely restricted.

If you able to help, please let us by speaking with the Duty Officer or e-mailing us at

If you would like more information, please contact the club or speak to one the committee members.