Match Report – O35.3 – 5 July 2015

Match Report – O35.3 – Game Date: 5 July 2015

BMFC O35.3: 5
Springwood United: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: GB (2), Rocket, Voldermort and Turtle

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that the O35 3’s took to the Cauldron for a catch up game against Springwood. The energy was positive and the momentum was forward and it was our returned serviceman, Rocket, to push through a challenge, take a shot and then follow up to put the goal away!!

GB wanted a piece of the action and he was next!! A ball popped in front of him from out of nowhere (maybe Crank had something to do with it!) and GB placed the ball to the side of the keeper for our second goal!!

Forgive me if I get the order incorrect, but I think “he who should not be named” was up next. The ball was played to him possibly by GB … the ball was slightly behind the galloping Voldermort who enticed the ball in front of him with a side flick and then slotted the goal to the side of the keeper for our 3rd.

Our fourth goal was awesome in its simplicity!!! Not simple in technique, but essentially … corner comes in and GB heads home a goal!! It was so clean and crisp that I could understand the opposition heads dropping!

The second half was a little less on everything … intensity, calling and goals. Our single goal, however was another piece of gold. I was setting up to send in a corner, when a Turtle approached me. With no-one taking action to address this imminent threat, I played the ball to him. And, BAM!!!!!!!!!!! ….. Turtle hit the ball in the sweet spot and it hurtled into the back of the net …. Yeehar!

With time running out to score a further team goal, Frankie “Rocking Horse” Hollywood took the radical step to get his name on the card by making a foul throw! Like all venerable charity givers before him, he claimed that his throw was, indeed, according to code. Others however, were concerned that he was a few inches away from doing the full rotation (otherwise known as a cartwheel)!!!!! Nice one Frankie!

Nice one too, to the keepers and defence for yet another clean sheet. Best defence in the Division! Slash’s attack on the ball, as keeper, definitely saved us some heartache! Nice one Slash.

Well done boys! Lots of calling and lots of work off the ball …. and as this story goes to the world, we’ve jumped to the TOP OF THE TABLE!!!!