Match Report – O35.2 – 28/08/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 28/08/2016

BMFC O35.2: 4
Richmond Ex-Servicemens FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: It could have been a dark and stormy day that the O35 2’s took to the field for the grand final, but alas it was a perfect day!

The team had enjoyed a great season together; the old and new players enjoyed the camaraderie; some great footy was played and we overcame some pinch games to ensure we ended up on top of the points!

As with all grand finals, the teams lift to a new level and today was no exception. Both Richmond and our team fought hard and the first half reflected this with a 1-1 scoreline.

Was it a Grasshopper cross to set up a GB put-away???!!!! Whatever it was, it was much appreciated!!

Should it have been 2-1 after Grasshopper hit the cross bar???

In the second half every challenge was treated like a mini victory and these mini victories started to add up in our favour. If I were to mention any player from our team I would describe how that player put their all in.

2-1 came about as a result of penalty kick, after Grasshopper received a heave-ho in the box.

3-1 came about as a result of Grasshopper disco’ing around the field and slotting it home with a HMY!!

4-1 came as a result of a GB steamtrain shot. No-one stops a steamtrain!

With victory in sight, Richmond was awarded a penalty kick. Frankie, using his ping pong mind tricks, managed to keep the shot out and after some more aerial tennis, the goal was saved!!!

Fantastic result!!!!!!!!!!! One the team will remember for a LONG time (read as -> the rest of our lives!).

Big thanks to those who were able to make it along to the game today: kids, partners, friends, parents, players from other Bluey’s teams and Margaret!

We finally did it for ourselves and for our much loved Taxman/Manager/Baz/Copper Head Road singer!